[N!ki is prэtty gangst*r] (ipukeglitter) wrote,
[N!ki is prэtty gangst*r]

Friends. Only.

-Comment here to be added. You must add me first.

-Please tell me why you wish to be added.

-Please refrain from promoting your rating communities here. It's pointless, I won't join.

-I have the right to deny anyone access to my journal.

Look...I am eccentric to the point where it might be annoying. I don't need to be reminded. Also, this is my journal, so I am free to write what I want to. If you have a problem with either of those things, don't add me, kthnx? It is very likely that I may say something you don't like or don't agree with, and I am giving you fair warning.
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You seem very interesting and someone's journal I might actually like to read.
add me back?
yeah I seen you in my community...even though I voted no, I'll still add you if you'd like.


11 years ago


11 years ago

I'd like to be added as a friend because you and I have both gone to Central Junior High and Lawton High, and we live in Lawton. =)
0_o really? Do we know each other? Because...I'm kinda paranoid about adding people I actually know IRL. =P


11 years ago


11 years ago

Wow, you're young! But very pretty, and you have a fabulous taste in music. I went to Lawton high way back when. So far you have to be the most interesting person I've seen on LJ from my old high school.

lol...thank you, I think? I like being young, so I'll take that as a compliment. ^-^ Do you still live in Lawton?
hey, I was wondering if [Unknown LJ tag] would like to be sisters with __charcharkills?

that was supposed to be thelabeledones :)


11 years ago

hello <3 *added*
hey ^^

may I add you ?
I just found you at a random community
^^your lj looks kinda cool
yeah that's cool, I'll add you back. ^-^


11 years ago

You Were MY Friend On _jailbait and i love you!! 8] Addage??

lol yeah I remember you...I'll add you again.
I changed my name yet again. I was once freakswillrule and jinx_in_pink. Please add me.
alright, you're added ♥

Deleted comment

aw I thougt I added you already. =( I shall do that right now.

Yeah, bitch. This is pinks0da_xo
New livejournal. Go figure.
Add me, doll.
you are so added again x3
Tomorrow I'm going to have a lot of extra time. Do you mind if I fix up the userinfo of thelabeledones? I could do it like I have my userinfo fixed. Just let me know what you think.
oh man, I've all but completely abandoned it! I just haven't had the time or the internet connect/patience to do anything, I'm really sorry =( yeah if you have the time, I def. don't mind...and I'm def. going to try to find more time for it. I feel so bad now. =\


11 years ago


11 years ago

you are beautiful and we would love to have you in our group.
hope this comment doesn't offend you. ♥!

thank you! I just joined, I really like it and I'm about to go post my application. ^-^
hey, saw you in drug_icons.

add me back?
added. ^-^
hey its fucking_brody_ i added you <3

^-^ I'll add you back.

Addeth le` Katie Anne, on yet another LJ.

yay for new eLJays ^-^ I recognized it from MySpace XD
of course you are le added. ♥



So uhhh, we share many a common interest. And you're shiny. And um. LOVEME! *grabby hands*

....feel free to ignore this <3

We do in fact, share many common interests.
and uh...well...if you want I could add you...but uh, you should add me first. It just makes me feel all secure and stuff. 0_o


11 years ago


11 years ago

i wish to be added because you are absolutly awesome.
and so am i ;D well i wish but anyway! lol

i dunno, you seemed really nifty
and we have similar interests and stuff
not to mention we are both living in small towns
but definatly not "small town girls" ;D
yay for *anti-small*
always do it big and bold ^__-

thought i'd see if i was cool enough to get added
actually found you through that nifty LJ community thelabeledones

You seem interesting, you're added! =D


11 years ago

Add me?

add me back.

Deleted comment

Well the community is closed right now, but when we re-open you'll probably have to post your application again, seeing as you weren't stamped. The community should re-open soon though, I'm just waiting for Doll to see if she wants to revise the accepted members list.
So if you're still interested in being in the community, simply re-join, and when we open again, post your application and we'll vote on it then.

You should add me, cause it`s me, Katie Anne. ^_^
& We have screen-names that are alike.
But, yours is better.

Yes, I know.
I returned to LJ.
How could I not?

omgz it's kaaatieeeee...I missed you!
And we have similiar screen names indeed, and I luff yours.

Why did you leave LJ in the first place? 0_o


11 years ago


11 years ago

because i love all your colorbars and i want more ^_______^\/ lol
I hope that I can be honest with you about this:
I am new to LiveJournal, and I am really into Panic! At The Disco.
I would like to have a special background or theme with them, but I honestly don't know how.
Just a few minutes ago, I Googled "custom livejournal layouts panic at the disco" and a chat popped up. Opening it, I was shown to your site through a link.
I was hoping you could help me make a layout. You mentioned that you made one. I can't do it on my own. I don't know if that is still your thing, but I hope you will consider helping me out with this.
Also, you look like an interesting person. I certainly think it is within your rights to deny my friendship. I know I would do it if a creeper tried to get on my page.
Please let me know.

Thanks so much!

Oh, and to avoid sounding like an extremely articulate nerd (probably too late), here's so randomness:


Good enough? *winks* Let me know!
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