[N!ki is prэtty gangst*r] (ipukeglitter) wrote,
[N!ki is prэtty gangst*r]

Friends. Only.

-Comment here to be added. You must add me first.

-Please tell me why you wish to be added.

-Please refrain from promoting your rating communities here. It's pointless, I won't join.

-I have the right to deny anyone access to my journal.

Look...I am eccentric to the point where it might be annoying. I don't need to be reminded. Also, this is my journal, so I am free to write what I want to. If you have a problem with either of those things, don't add me, kthnx? It is very likely that I may say something you don't like or don't agree with, and I am giving you fair warning.
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add me please

Deleted comment

i want to be added because i love you and we've been lj friends for a million years!
a MILLION years!! *adds you liek woah*
Hi, its one of the mods from cherry_cunts=) I see you have a new journal, so we'll just add you under this one unless you feel like doing another application (i dont blame you if you dont at all.hehe). xxx
thank you! ^-^ I am glad I don't have to re-apply O.o
hey sweetie, add meh? :D

lurving the icon ♥

oh, you wanna add me because...you love me? :) +kiss+
added. =)
*Wishes to be added because you are teh homie*
added, add me back!
I passed by your acocunt. and its lovely! You seem to have the same taste in music same interets wlel mostly. and i want you to help me with the layout??;; anddd YOUR COOL1
please add me!
when will you stop changing your names ???? its really starting to freak me out lmfao anyways have fun doing it lol
yeah but that's why you love me....right? XDDD
to many people totally love you lol what if someone really did start stalking you ??? lmfao
LMFAO yay for stalkers! You need to add me back chika, so you can actually read this shit.
i thought you already where
add me um because because because please thanks
(.__. brain won't think of better reason .__.)
thats good enough reason for me! ^-^ *adds*
eeee, i found yous.
add me plase. :)

yay! I'm glad you did. ^-^ *adds*
i was on your jailbait journal.
wanna add me again?
of course I do. ^-^
bella! :-P
Hey dollie I did not see the Memo! =-(

Add Me to this Name. <3
it's alright ^-^ I added you.
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