[N!ki is prэtty gangst*r] (ipukeglitter) wrote,
[N!ki is prэtty gangst*r]

Friends. Only.

-Comment here to be added. You must add me first.

-Please tell me why you wish to be added.

-Please refrain from promoting your rating communities here. It's pointless, I won't join.

-I have the right to deny anyone access to my journal.

Look...I am eccentric to the point where it might be annoying. I don't need to be reminded. Also, this is my journal, so I am free to write what I want to. If you have a problem with either of those things, don't add me, kthnx? It is very likely that I may say something you don't like or don't agree with, and I am giving you fair warning.
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add me felix! i love you!

yey! *adds* ♥
*prod* smitch, tee hee
:D *adds*
Hi I'm really freakswillrule's alter ego. please add. :)
XDD omg your icon. ♥ *adds*
It *is* a radtastic layout. Add me, lover.
thank you! ^-^ *adds*
add my ass back
*adds* :D
Add me? Because we are loving,sexual, fiends together?

oh yes, yes we are. ^-^ *adds*
Add me so I can catch up on commenting♥
eeep...you'll have alot of catching up to do. :P *adds* ^-^
haha i like your icon. anyway.... i want to be added and i will add you back when i get back from wizzork today.
i wish to be added because my life would not be complete without my dayly dose of felix rantings and ravings. :-P
yey! ^-^ *adds you like woah*
hey u should add me
I will...add me too.
WOOO.. may I be added ms. felix..lmao
lol yeah I guess. XD
Add my fuckass
felix, felix where for art though felix. you SO didnt add me to your new journal. ^_^ but you should!
I didn't add anyone who didn't ask to be added. ^-^ *adds*
i hear you write good slashes;)
add me?
lol I guess so...but all my writing is posted at prettytragikal. Add me first and I'll add you back.
^_^ Because I LOVE your kick ass Kyoness about. : ) Hope ya add me~I'm going to go add you, kk?
of course I will add you! ^-^
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